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CT - technique
CT - sacroiliitis
CT - spinal changes
CT - surgery planning
CT - guided therapy
CT for planning surgical treatment

CT can provide valuable information before corrective spinal surgery. This is mainly performed when a deformed spine disables the patient, sometimes prohibiting a normal frontal face position.


The images show 2D spinal CT reconstructions of a deformed patient with ankylosing spondylitis. Sagittal (left) and coronal (right) reconstructions show deformation in the sagittal plane with decreased lumbar lordosis and increased thoracic kyphosis with a forward bended head. There is ankylosis of the cervical and thoracic vertebral bodies and also ankylosis of the upper lumbar vertebral bodies, but not corresponding to the lower lumbar vertebral bodies. These information are valuable for planning corrective surgery usually implying a wedge osteotomy in the lumbar region to regain lumbar lordosis and thereby achieve a more upright position of the head.

Radiographs of a patient after corrective surgery. A wedge of the second lumbar vertebra has ben removed establishing a lordosis and thereby diminishing the anterior curve. The correction areas is stabilized by surgical material.
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