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CT for diagnosing spinal changes

The main indication for CT of the spine is to confirm or dismiss suspicion of fracture e.g. in an ankylosed deformed patient, which can be difficult by radiography.


The images show a compression fracture of the first thoracic vertebra (open arrow), which was difficult to interpret by radiography due to overlaying shadows of the shoulders and clavicles.

Supplementary CT, sagittal 2D CT reconstructions, show compression of the vertebral body (arrows) and a cleavage at the otherwise ankylosed apophyseal joints (open arrow).
The axial slices clearly delineate fractures posteriorly in the vertebral arc and the transverse processes (open arrows) implying an unstable fracture.
Supplementary 3D reconstruction, posteriorly views, also visualized the cleavage in the otherwise ankylosed posterior structures (open red arrows).
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