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Welcome to spa-imaging.org

This website is designed to promote diagnostic imaging of arthritides predominantly affecting the sacroiliac and spinal joints, collectively named spondyloarthritis (SpA).


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is increasingly used in the diagnosis of SpA being a sensitive method for detecting active inflammatory changes as well as permanent structural damage, and is also suitable for monitoring the disease.
It is important for the use of MRI to detect and follow SpA that the interpretation of the findings is correct and uniform between the departments performing MRI. To ensure this, there is a need for easily accessible images showing typical disease manifestations and normal findings at MRI as well as diseases simulating SpA changes.


The overall purpose of this website is to illustrate and describe the typical imaging findings seen as part of SpA corresponding to different degrees of disease severity with a focus on MRI findings. Moreover, to show MR changes that may be misinterpreted as arthritis in addition to normal findings to ensure that doctors who use MRI to diagnose and monitor SpA easily can acquire knowledge promoting optimal use of MRI.
Besides, patients should have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the diagnostic and monitoring possibilities by MRI and other imaging methods, which contribute to their diagnosis and treatment.
To increase reader-friendliness and applicability for patients this website offers 
explanations of medical terminology.


Rheumatic inflammation located to the joints between the sacrum and the ilium (the sacroiliac joints) nearly always occur in SpA. Therefore, this website focuses on illustrating changes in these joints corresponding to various degrees of arthritis (sacroiliitis) in addition to normal findings, including normal anatomical variations and diseases that can simulate sacroiliitis.
As spinal changes are also an important part of SpA, especially in the later stages, this website describes different degrees and types of rheumatic inflammation in the spinal joints.
Changes in other joint regions are illustrated briefly.

Other imaging methods than MRI are mentioned and explained for comparison and in situations where they may be advantageous or preferable.

Creator / webmaster

Anne Grethe Jurik, Professor, DMSc.
Department of Radiology,

Aarhus University Hospital,

Palle Juul-Jensen Boulevard 35
8200 Århus N


E-mail: jurik@dadlnet.dk

The website is supported financially by the Danish Ankylosing Spondylitis Society by honouring Anne Grethe Jurik and Berit Schiotzz-Christensen with the Bechterew prize in 2007.

The website, which has been online since 17. September 2008, is currently undergoing major revision/update.

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