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Grading spinal changes
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For spinal examination sagittal T1 and STIR sequences are often sufficient, but evaluation of the joints between the vertebral bodies and the ribs (costo-vertebral joints) may require supplementary axial STIR/T2FS slices and in case of disk protrusion/extrusion axial T2-weighted slices may be necessary.


Sagittal T1 and STIR images of the whole spine in a patient with AS showing signs of disease activity in the form of edema at vertebral corners and pronounced edema in the 4. And 5 thoracic vertebra in addition to fat depositions corresponding to areas with previous active inflammation.


Sagittal STIR sequence at the lateral side of the lower thoracic spine showing edema postero-lateral in a vertebra body (arrow). Supplementary axial STIR images (beneath) illustrate the anatomical location of edema to the joints between the ribs and the vertebral bodies (costo-vertebral joints) (arrows). This is a typical localization of inflammation in ankylosing spondylitis.


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